The value financial advisers play in our community only became more pronounced during Covid-19.

“We heard stories of advisers supporting their clients in ways that demonstrate how their roles go far beyond just recommending financial strategy.

We wanted to capture these stories and share them back with you. Here are some of the moments that made us proud to support Australian financial advisers.”

– Richard Brandweiner, Chief Executive, Australia, Pendal Group

The challenges we face now, define who we are in the future.

Everyone has a story to tell, and together we create a new one; a story of a future worth investing in.

“I just really enjoy being there for whatever it might be”

Nicole Florison

Florisson Financial

Invested in digging deeper

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“At this time I really want to project calm, hope and optimism”

Peter Foley

Thirdview Financial Planning

Invested in hope

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“I always think to myself if it was my mum, what would I do?”

Dianna Saad

Silway Private Wealth

Invested in being there

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The future is worth investing in

Pendal is a group of independent, global investment managers focused on helping more people experience the outcomes of good investment.

Our experienced fund managers have the autonomy to make decisions with conviction, underpinned by a philosophy that celebrates a diversity of insights and approaches.

Client success stands at the core of everything we do. We partner with our clients through the understanding that trust is earned by delivering results.

That’s what makes Pendal the company that really cares about what your money does – personally, locally and globally.