When we are truly invested, we can change a life: our own or someone else's.

“Investing is not about money – not really – and it’s not an end in itself.

What matters is the future it helps create.

This campaign celebrates the role financial advisors play, guiding people
to be invested in a better tomorrow.”

– Richard Brandweiner, Chief Executive, Australia, Pendal Group

What are you invested in?

Everyone has a story to tell, and together we can create a new one: a story of a future worth investing in.

“The little things we do every day – they’re the things that count towards the future, they’re the things that make a big change.”

David Hazlewood

Knightswood House

Invested in overcoming adversity

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“I think it all comes down to what you value. To me, that’s family above all else”

Antoinette Mullins


Invested in advancing women

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“It’s all about relationship building. It’s about walking my clients’ journey with them, providing advice and guidance along the way.”

Janet Tang


Invested in sharing the journey

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“We all have dreams for what our future may be. Investing gives you the ammunition to deliver on your dreams.”

Alan Freshwater

RI Bondi

Invested in delivering dreams

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“Peace of mind is probably the most important thing in life.”

Sue Morris


Invested in enjoying every moment

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“Money isn’t the be all and end all to absolutely everything. But what it can do is facilitate the life that you’re aspiring to live.”

Will Hamilton

Hamilton wealth

Invested in having a plan

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The future is worth investing in

Pendal is a group of independent, global investment managers focused on helping more people experience the outcomes of good investment.

Our experienced fund managers have the autonomy to make decisions with conviction, underpinned by a philosophy that celebrates a diversity of insights and approaches.

Client success stands at the core of everything we do. We partner with our clients through the understanding that trust is earned by delivering results.

That’s what makes Pendal the company that really cares about what your money does – personally, locally and globally.